Transforming the workforce with the skills and expertise they need

to grow and fulfill a proactive role in the workplace.



Haldan Consulting offers a range of Training Courses and Workshops which are user-centric and extend to all individuals within the organization, from top management to shop floor operators. Including:

  • Lean Principles Education
  • Lean Tools workshops with standardized Excel Add-In Templates
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Philosophy and Practice
  • Basic Project Management
  • Global 8D/TOPS Problem Solving and Analysis Methods
  • Customized courses with MERSETA-approved content
  • End-User Software training (AutoEDI; HaldanMES; Systems2win; SYSPRO)

Lean Six Sigma Training combines Lean Philosophy and Six Sigma Methodology to provide training and skills to those seeking to successfully apply process improvement to manufacturing businesses and service organizations. Lean accelerates Six Sigma, resulting in faster and more efficient problem solving to lower costs and improve quality and efficiency overall.

Continuous Improvement Workshop Series is an annual 3-day event which covers insightful manufacturing workshops and engaging industry tours. It is hosted in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University. Attendees return year-after-year to gain exposure to continuous improvement tools and remain up to date on current m