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HaldanMES is a visual Manufacturing Execution System which monitors shop floor performance, by measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), and enables effective continuous improvements.

The power of HaldanMES lies in its ability to report machine losses quickly and visualize their effect on daily production. It identifies hidden capacity and gives the production team the information they need to make the right decisions, stimulating participation throughout the company.

HaldanMES collects downtime automatically ensuring that all time is accounted for. You are able to analyze data in real time & compare it with historical information to gain new insights into persistent issues.

The product offers the following features:

  • Checklists – stay organized & never skip a step in the process. Eliminate paperwork and waste with automated checklists which are integrated into the OEE system.
  • SMS – HaldanMES will alert users via SMS when a machine has been in a downtime state for longer than a predetermined period of time.
  • Improved visualization, resulting in awareness about shop floor effectiveness.
  • Real-time objective data, through the Shopfloor Data Collect application.
  • Historical reporting and data analysis, which facilitates accurate decision-making.
  • Simple operation, which provides powerful/rich data that can be made available anywhere on the network.
  • All downtime is accounted for, meaning that the system is self-balancing. Downtime reason codes and Quality information is entered on the shop floor by Operators or Group Leaders.
  • The Shift Scheduler allows an administrator to specify when the machine will be in production. This Shift Scheduler is used for the purpose of calculating OEE, but is not a production scheduler.
  • The software is scalable and configurable. It can be easily expanded to other sections of the plant.
  • The software is visually appealing and is not obtrusive in the plant.
  • The software is supported by Haldan Consulting. Additional consulting on OEE and continuous improvements is also offered by Haldan Consulting when required.

For all HaldanMES related queries visit the website:

www.haldanmes.com or please contact:

Laverne van Wyk (HaldanMES Product Manager)