Ebor Automotive Systems - Haldan Consulting

Haldan Consulting assisted with a process optimization project for tool changeovers at Ebor Automotive Systems.  The aim was to provide an efficient method for optimizing the tool change process to reduce the amount of downtime currently being experienced during tool changeovers.


Hansens Engineering - HaldanMES

Hansens Engineering required access to timely and accurate OEE data in an effort to restore its competitiveness. Within just 12 months after implementing HaldanMES, Hansens Engineering improved their OEE from 52.4% to 79.8%.

crh africa

CRH Africa (Korsten Plant) - HaldanMES

CRH Africa was able to increase their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on a press machine, which uses progressive technology tools, by 9% in just 12 months. This was achieved by using principles of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Lean Tools.


Foxtec-Ikhwezi - HaldanMES

HaldanMES has assisted Foxtec-Ikhwezi, in East London in improving a number of difficulties they were experiencing on their shop floor, including reducing tool change over times.

Lumotech - HaldanMES

Lumotech has recently extended its OEE project with HaldanMES being used to monitor 20 machines in their Uitenhage facility. Their continuous improvement program has drastically reduced their most prominent downtimes.