Gain much more than just a software solution – Haldan Consulting offers critical insights into all business and manufacturing processes, utilizing a combination of innovative technology and world-class techniques, to ensure that management is well informed.

Haldan Consulting Software Solutions

Software Solutions

All software packages are developed in-house using the latest innovative technology and is tested at a partner manufacturing facility to ensure that it is uniquely geared towards all manufacturing environments. Haldan Consulting’s standard implementation plan is aimed at providing the client with a complete start-to-end solution.

Haldan Consulting Services


Haldan Consulting has a team of industry experts who are dedicated to providing innovative technology and best practice techniques in order to maximize your business growth. They engage directly with clients on-site to provide businesses with the right tools to meet their evolving needs.

Haldan Consulting Training Services


Haldan Consulting ensures that clients are fully satisfied and equipped to manage their software solutions. They also offer training courses which focus on the education of Lean and OEE philosophies. This training is user-centric and extends to all individuals within the organization, from top management to shop floor operators.

Haldan Consulting Process Outsource Services

Process Outsource

Haldan Consulting provides clients with on-site engineering professionals who specialize in helping businesses re-engineer their processes and adopt lean philosophies of continuous improvement. Their Industrial Engineers make significant contributions towards driving change from the shop floor by offering objective insights.

Complete End-to-End Solutions

Whether you are looking to increase your competitive advantage, optimize your financial processes, streamline your supply chain or improve your productivity, Haldan Consulting has the right solution for you.