Haldan Consulting’s core business is to provide expert software and consulting solutions to empower businesses to make informed decisions, based on reliable information. They assist clients in increasing the bottom-line by improving productivity and profitability. With many years of experience in software and business development, they optimize and problem-solve any process.

Since starting up in 2010, the Haldan Consulting team has grown to a well-rounded group of 10, including Industrial Engineers, Software Developers, Continuous Improvement Specialists, Business Process Specialists and Manufacturers. Haldan Consulting is a registered Microsoft Partner as well as a certified SYSPRO Implementation Partner; currently providing support and services to over 30 clients in South Africa.

Haldan Consulting is also the only company in South Africa that is authorized as a Qualified OEE Trainer by Arno Koch. HaldanMES was also the first OEE software in South Africa that was endorsed by Arno Koch. Arno Koch is known as the “Father” of OEE, as he wrote the philosophies and parameters behind the OEE measurement, namely the OEE Industry Standard. He has published books on the topic of OEE, and as the founder of the OEE Foundation, he strives to unveil misconceptions about OEE, promote OEE as the foundation for systematic process improvement, discuss different perspectives and opinions around the use of OEE, and lay forth the best practices in the generic application of the OEE Industry Standard.  In September 2014, Haldan Consulting hosted workshops in Port Elizabeth with Arno Koch as the guest speaker.

Haldan Consulting and the Continuous Improvement Research Group (CIRG) have also collaborated to host a variety of training courses on Lean and Six Sigma. The skills learnt through these courses can be utilized to solve complex problems in both manufacturing and service environments. Increased global and national competition has fueled the need for Six Sigma practitioners as organizations strive to outperform competitors, realize strategic goals and improve general operational performance.

Haldan Consulting has an academic association with Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in Port Elizabeth. At NMU’s North Campus in Port Elizabeth, HaldanMES is being used by the Industrial Engineering Department in their Simulated Work Environment Lab. This area contains a simulated production line which allows students to solve problems and improve systems in manufacturing through practical exercises.

Haldan Consulting has established strategic partnerships, as resellers for two great software solutions: TransLution and CADTalk. This will allow us to expand our business offering to our clients and empower businesses with the right tools they need to make informed decisions, based on reliable information.

Haldan Consulting is a Level 4 B-BBEE contributor.





Haldan Consulting was established in 2010, from a manufacturing background, by Erik Hagedorn Hansen, who is also the current Managing Director of Hansens Engineering. Hansens Engineering is a family-owned World Class manufacturing business which was established in 1956.

After starting out as Resellers for another International software provider, Haldan Consulting was able to identify a gap in market, and decided to develop and support their own software. They developed and designed a product, called HaldanMES, which brought together Manufacturing, TPM & OEE philosophies and IT infrastructure. This means that they are able to offer clients outstanding software products in combination with expert consulting and training services to all manufacturing industries.

In 2015, Haldan Consulting merged with Solutech Systems. The business partnership goes back to the very inception of Haldan Consulting. Solutech Systems was started by Jared Pudney in 2009, after a few years of servicing the market as a SYSPRO Consultant, under JP Consulting. When he started trading as Solutech Systems, he also bought AutoEDI from Datascope.

By bringing together two successful organizations of talented management teams, Haldan Consulting succeeded in creating a common vision & commitment towards a better future. This merger meant that they could bring together the best expertise in manufacturing, software development and consulting. It has enabled Haldan Consulting to provide critical insights into the manufacturing world, as well as to create cost savings for clients. Haldan Consulting serves clients & industry more effectively by adapting quickly to evolving manufacturing technologies across the globe.

They offer end-to-end solutions for manufacturing companies, with three core products, namely AutoEDI, SYSPRO, and HaldanMES. These solutions will enable “the factory of the future”.

We take pride in our “hands-on” approach, as we believe this is key to satisfying our clients’ needs and ensuring successful project implementations.

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