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AutoEDI is an all-encompassing suite offering start-to-end solutions for Supply Chain Management. It completes the cycle from planning to inventory and shipment.

Process is as follows:

Releases would be received weekly from all customers in EDI (electronic data interchange) format. These would be validated and interpreted by the EDI Module, and are then ready for accepting into SYSPRO with a single click! These would be accepted without manipulation.

Next the Shipping Module would be used to review planned exports. This is a visual planning tool which shows the planner all foreign demand, current stock at customer (if consignment), current shipments and planned shipments. This would highlight any changes that are needed in the export shipping plan.

The Build Module is then used to review the rough-cut capacity plan, to check that it is still relevant in terms of new local releases and the new shipping plan. This pulls in demand, SOH, current build plan and capacity constraints to provide a simple visual planning board. Shortages are highlighted and can be addressed. This is all saved real-time back to SYSPRO as an MPS.

SYSPRO MRP is then run off the MPS (as opposed to customer releases). Standard BPO review process is followed.

These BPO’s are then published to the suppliers using the AutoEDI Supplier Portal. This enables the suppliers to receive their orders online, or via classic EDI. This process will enable a weekly planning cycle, as opposed to a monthly one, meaning that variation in demand is now passed on to the supplier.

When the supplier is ready to ship the goods, they would either send or generate an Inbound ASN. This ASN is then displayed in a visual stock reach report, showing the coverage of current and en-route materials against the MRP demand. It can also be sued to automatically receipt the goods on arrival.

DCI’s would be received daily in EDI from the applicable customers. These would then be reviewed against SOH and accepted into SYSPRO with a single click, using the DCI Module. This becomes a Sales Order which can be used to generate picking slips in your WMS system.

Once the goods have been dispatched or invoiced in SYSPRO, the ASN Module will automatically launch. The controller will review the information (pre-populated from SYSPRO), and print customer labels. The ASN message is then automatically generated and transmitted directly to the customer. This can include an electronic invoice if required.

AutoEDI Reports for OEM Suppliers


The VWSA DCI Report shows the user the VWSA call off for the day, comparing it to the last ten call offs and highlighting differences between previous call offs based on the checkpoints. Any given call off can be compared with previous call offs to view any discrepancies that have occurred. Finally, the call off can be sorted, selected, and converted into a SYSPRO sales order based on the selected Check Point.

VWSA Coverage Report

The VWSA Coverage Report compares the VWSA Call Off with the finished goods stock on hand presented in SYSPRO and advises the user as to their immediate coverage, highlighting any shortages that may exist.

Stock Reach Report

The Stock Reach Report tabulates the MRP data from SYSPRO displaying the bought-out demand from the ERP and the available stock, including Goods in Transit, Advanced Shipping Notices, and Purchase Orders. Broken into two reports (Coverage and Planning), the user is able to determine any immediate issues in their supply chain (Coverage) and review their planned purchases to ensure that their supply chain is secure (Planning).

AutoEDI Offerings

AutoEDI Software Offerings

The AutoEDI Supplier Portal is the base module, and serves as on online centralized distribution tool. This is paired with the SCC Module that meets your requirements:

  • AutoEDI SCC Basic
  • AutoEDI SCC Intermediate
  • AutoEDI SCC Advanced
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For all AutoEDI related queries, please contact:

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