Women’s Month Feature 2021: Leading Women at Haldan

In honor of Women’s Month, join us as we celebrate the leading women in our team. We are very proud of the contributions that each individual makes, not only to our products and the value delivered to our customers, but also to empowering other women in our team as well as our community through their dedication, resilience and creativity.
Having recently adjusted to a work-from-home environment following the COVID-19 pandemic, our team culture is what keeps our team unified. We are truly like a family unit, bound together by our relationships. It’s clear that our passion is at the core of everything we do.

Laverne van Wyk

Laverne is our Director and a qualified Industrial Engineer.
Laverne was a leading force behind the creation of Haldan Consulting from its inception. She is an expert in Project Management Consulting, Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement; having spent over a decade working on projects in Automotive Manufacturing as well as many other industries.

Her motto for 2021 is: “Believe in yourself, work hard and you can achieve your dreams!”

We admire her dedication to empowering women. She has made a huge contribution to our company by mentoring and uplifting all female staff members, which is a key foundation in our corporate team culture. Her strategic drive is what moves our business forward.
She was recently featured in a Graduate Recruitment Programme Handbook to promote the Graduate and Career Services offered by Nelson Mandela University. Download the PDF Handbook and check out page 34, where Laverne talks about her experiences as a Graduate at NMU and her career journey: https://careerservices.mandela.ac.za/careerservices/media/Store/documents/Carrer%20Fair/Graduate-Recruitment-Programme_Handbook_2021.pdf

Jeannie Serfontein

Jeannie is the Business Unit Manager of HaldanMES.
Her role is central to the strategic development of HaldanMES and serves as primary helpdesk support. Her passion is to consult in Continuous Improvement.

Her motto for 2021 is “Do what you love and love what you do!”

We are very proud of what Jeannie has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time with us. She is a real go-getter and takes every opportunity she can to learn. Jeannie recently graduated Cum Laude for BTech in Industrial Engineering, and is currently studying towards her Master’s Degree. She has also completed her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
Jeannie’s infectious smile and laughter always injects positivity into our working environment. She is very driven and always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a source of motivation for other members of our team.

Karla Vermaak

Karla is an Account Executive for Systems2win and operates Customer Services, Sales, New User Training and Technical Support.
She holds a BCom Degree in Marketing Management, with several years’ experience in Business Development. Her strong sales and networking abilities are vital to the growth of our customer relationships and managing customer needs.

Her motto for 2021 is: “Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.”

Karla is the social butterfly of our team. She is our go-to for almost anything, being an all-round wonder woman! As a wife and mom of 2, she truly understands the challenges that woman have to go through to juggle their work and personal lives. Karla boosts our team spirit with her optimism and encouragement, ensuring that we are always reminded of our successes.

Kelly Hagedorn-Hansen

Kelly is the Business Unit Manager of AutoEDI.
She holds a BCom Degree in Business Management as well as LLB Degree. Kelly is involved in the day-to-day organization and administration of AutoEDI.

Her motto for 2021 is: “If you only say one prayer in a day, make it Thank You.”

She is the newest female member of our team, starting her journey with Haldan in 2020. However, Kelly has quickly proven herself to be a rock of support to the entire team. Kelly is a typical “born-and-bred” PE girl – always friendly and quick to provide emotional support and compassion to those in need. Every team needs someone like Kelly, and we are very thankful to have her on ours.