The only thing that is certain in 2021 is that change is constant!

-A message from Haldan Consulting’s Director, Laverne van Wyk-

Never in recent history have manufacturers transformed their organizations so quickly, and so decisively. Manufacturing will see a fundamental shift in how its leaders view progressive change – from unrealized vision to practical reality. As a result, an industry that is more nimble and more flexible will emerge.

I believe the industry will evolve for the better:

  1. We will see a shift to localized production
  2. Digital transformation of the factory floor will accelerate
  3. Manufacturers will respond to increasingly high expectations from both consumers and customers
  4. We will see increased investment in the workforce.
  5. Sustainability will become a selling point, not an afterthought

We must shift our focus to rebuilding industry, with the right partnerships

2020 was the year of reflection for all, both personally and from a business perspective. And, Iā€™m sure we agree: everything we spend time on must add value. Haldan Consulting will remain focused on being Your Trusted Business Partner to ensure success throughout your entire business, by widening our service offerings and adding more value to our current services ā€¦ so watch this space!

We value your business, and we look forward to rebuilding our businesses together, as no one has been left untouched by this pandemic. I wish you all a very prosperous New Year.

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