Haldan Consulting’s Business Networking Breakfast was hosted at the Beach Hotel in Port Elizabeth on the 7th of September 2018.
The purpose of the event was to thank our valued clients and inform them of the strategic partnerships which we have recently established to improve our product offerings and facilitate a smart manufacturing. In addition, as a SYSPRO Premium Implementation Partner, we took this opportunity to officially introduce Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage manufacturers to the new features in SYSPRO 8. The first Haldan Awards of Excellence ceremony also took place, where clients were recognized for achieving outstanding results using one or more of Haldan Consulting’s Solutions and Services.
The event was attended by about 50 individuals, representing 18 manufacturing companies from in and around the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It also featured three guest speakers, namely Dr Karl van der Merwe (CIRG: Continuous Improvement Research Group), Danie du Plessis (SYSPRO), Russell Kleyn (TransLution).

Introduction to SYSPRO 8

Danie du Plessis, a Channel Business Developer for SYSPRO Africa, summarized the benefits of upgrading to the newest SYSPRO Release, SYSPRO 8. Not only is it easier to access and use, as well as simpler to manage and maintain, it also offers new capabilities in manufacturing, distribution and finance which are focused on improving efficiencies and productivity. Some of the new features include SYSPRO Avanti, which allows for universal access through a web interface, and SYSPRO Harmony, which is an embedded user-friendly social media-type platform designed to streamline business processes and improve communication channels.

Continuous Improvement Culture: The way we do things around here

Dr Karl van der Merwe (CIRG) discussed the importance of organizational culture, more specifically the continuous improvement mind-set that relates to effective, inclusive, data-driven problem solving within an organization. His engaging presentation emphasized that a successful lean organization culture can only be achieved when awareness, engagement, consistency and accountability are prioritized, from top management right down to the shop floor. It is the responsibility of the leaders to ensure that they co-ordinate and communicate with their teams in such a way that it drives and encourages behaviors and thoughts that lead to a lean organizational culture.

The pros and cons of barcoding and RFID in factories and warehouses

Russell Kleyn, Director at Afrisoft Africa, discussed their product, TransLution, which is used in factories and warehouses to track and manage inventory, people and production. This utilizes technologies like RFID (radio-frequency identification) and barcodes to monitor production and warehouses in real time and then uses this accurate data to direct people efficiently. He advised that in order for these systems to work in the real world, a number of areas need to be carefully considered. The process flows in your facility need to be supported so that the system is flexible and adds value in the real world. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the roll out phase, advising that logical steps and thorough testing should be taken to reduce the risks to all parties.

We are honored to be associated with such amazing brands as it builds towards our vision β€œto be the Trusted Business Partner in providing effective manufacturing solutions.” Below are the photographs from the Event: