2018 marks the official introduction of the Haldan Awards of Excellence.

These Certificates of Excellence are awarded to companies who have demonstrated an outstanding achievement using one or more of Haldan Consulting’s Solutions and Services. The Awards Ceremony took place during Haldan Consulting’s Business Networking Breakfast, hosted at the Beach Hotel in Port Elizabeth on the 7th of September 2018.

The event was attended by about 50 individuals, representing 18 manufacturing companies from in and around the Eastern Cape, South Africa. There were also 3 guest speakers, namely Danie du Plessis (SYSPRO), Russell Kleyn (TransLution) and Dr Karl van der Merwe (CIRG – Continuous Improvement Research Group).

The recipients of this year’s Awards are as follows:

The Award for the Most Outstanding Achievement using AutoEDI COGS went to RG Brose, East London

AutoEDI COGS was implemented at RG Brose in 2013. Since then, they have leveraged COGS to ensure a nearly perfect run of in-line sequence supply to the customer. With no air freights in the last three years, as well as becoming a reference site for MBSA when new suppliers are requested to supply in-line sequence, RG Brose East London has certainly risen above the rest. Rui Cyrne, General Plant Manager, received this award on behalf of RG Brose East London.

The Award for the Most Outstanding Achievement using AutoEDI Supply Chain Controller (SCC) went to Lumotech

AutoEDI SCC was implemented at Lumotech in Uitenhage in 2011. Lumotech’s stringent application of process control, and their adherence to quality standards in supply, has made them the reference site for AutoEDI SCC, both in terms of implementation and application. Jaco du Plessis, General Manager of Manufacturing and ICT, received this award on Lumotech’s behalf.

The Award for Achieving Outstanding Results using HaldanMES Process Outsource went to Ebor Automotive Systems

HaldanMES was implemented at Ebor in Perseverance in 2016. In 2017, Ebor approached Haldan for assistance and support. Through our Process Outsource pillar, we were able to match Ebor ’s requirements with a young and enthusiastic Industrial Engineer in training, Brandon van Niekerk. Under our guidance, he was able to focus on key areas that needed immediate attention and succeeded in reducing their changeover time, using SMED and HaldanMES. We extended a big thank you to Ebor for putting their trust in us. Andy Dealtry, Managing Director, received this award on behalf of Ebor Automotive Systems.

The Award for Achieving Outstanding Results using HaldanMES Software went to Lumotech

In 2016, HaldanMES was implemented in Uitenhage. Lumotech was already running a TPM program at the time and had a strong internal culture of continuous improvement. This meant that they were able to maximize productivity in their facility, using HaldanMES for real-time visibility of production performance. They put together multi-disciplinary improvement teams who focused on the information gained from reporting and data analysis to drive weekly improvements in machine uptime and scrap reduction rates. We are very excited about what Lumotech has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. Neill Erickson, Re-Engineering Department Manager, received this award on Lumotech’s behalf.

Congratulations to everyone for contributed towards these successes over the last year. We look forward to seeing what is achieved in 2019.