On 1 October 2015, Solutech Systems merged with Haldan Consulting. This brings together two successful organizations of talented management teams. This business partnership goes back to the inception of Haldan Consulting in 2010 and leads the way for many strategic opportunities.

Haldan Consulting now offers customers 3 core products, including AutoEDI, HaldanMES and SYSPRO; with integration across all three.

AutoEDI is an all-encompassing suite offering start-to-end solutions for Supply Chain Management. It completes the cycle from planning to inventory and shipment.

HaldanMES is a visual Manufacturing Execution System which monitors shop floor performance and enables effective continuous improvements.

SYSPRO is a real-time, integrated ERP System. We are a registered SYSPRO Value Added Reseller and Business Partner.

Even SYSPRO is excited about our merge, having given us their full approval. They agree that our planned solutions will enable “the Factory of the Future”.