Continuous Improvement Workshop Series 2019 took place on 21-23 May

The event took place over 3 days at Nelson Mandela University’s Industrial Engineering Department on North Campus. This year was a step-up from last year and we incorporated a few factory tours. The workshops took place over two days, with a Factory Tour of Isuzu taking place in Port Elizabeth on the final day. The attendees were also very excited to be able to step into the Jendamark factory to see what new technology they are working on.

There were 4 main topics for discussion:

Toyota Kata – Dr. Karl van der Merwe

Industry 4.0: Overview & Insights – Yanesh Naidoo

Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) – Jaco Snyders

Warehouse Management Systems: Collecting & Using Real Time Data from the Shop Floor – Russell Kleyn

Feedback received from the workshop was very positive and we will keep all comments in mind in planning the next workshop. Here is what some had to say about their overall experience:

The CIWS for the year 2019 was very engaging in that it had two industry tour to JENDAMARK and ISUZU. The JENDAMARK tour enlightened us about the practical application of Industry 4.0 and the use of Virtual Reality in manufacturing in the South African context. The application of the Toyota Kata and SMED was also very empowering more especially in that it was a very practical offering.

Tshifiwa Nenzhelele, Lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology

The event was well organized and structured.  The content was well presented and proved very relevant in terms of real-world situation application. They conducted the simulation sessions very well and it proved extremely helpful in bedding down the theory. All the information can be taken back to the shop floor and add immediate value to the CI program.

Jaco Du Plessis, Director of Manufacturing and ICT at Lumotech

The two-day workshop this year with a factory tour on the third morning raised the bar even higher than previous years high standard. The presenters and facilitators were good and well prepared and could partake with their practical knowledge in an understandable, fun and binding way. A provoking experience in group dynamics, thinking and problem solving paired with a hands-on taste of virtual reality application. Wow! It was great!

Gerhard de Clercq, Lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology

The CIWS was an eventful 2 days where it exposed us to different tools and techniques that are used throughout the manufacturing sector. We were given great insights into the future of manufacturing and what is possible, as well as what is currently being used in industry. The workshop was also a great place to network with other professionals from various industries and get their insights and views. The food was also a highlight.

Stuart Jordan, Industrial Engineer at Welfit Oddy

CIWS is a well thought out event cropped to give you a practical and clear understanding of how to start or improve your journey of Continuous Improvement. The lecturers were well prepared with relevant materials bringing across the fundamentals of CI and how to achieve objectives. Being in the tech driven world we are, it was great to see that there are inexpensive solutions to CI and how important it is not to be left behind.

Derick Bamber, General Manager at Dynafoam