Haldan Consulting is a Certified SYSPRO Implementation Partner

The purpose of using an ERP system in your business is to facilitate effective communication between departments and drive smart decision making.

SYSPRO ERP is an industry-built Enterprise-Resource-Planning Solution, that paves the way to digitizing your business and streamlining your supply chain, providing greater control and visibility, while simplifying and personalizing your experience.

The most important decision that needs to be made when it comes to SYSPRO ERP, is choosing the right service provider for implementation and support.

Certified SYSPRO Partners benefit exclusively from SYSPRO’s PartnerUp Portal, which acts as an online Ecosystem that enhances and develops the knowledge and capabilities of the Partner’s team members. SYSPRO shares the tools and best practices methodologies they have gained over 40 years’ experience to empower Certified Partners and guarantee the successful implementation of all projects.

Haldan Consulting is a SYSPRO Implementation Partner, and we share SYSPRO’s passion for helping manufacturers and distributors simplify their complex operations and gain significant value in efficiency, revenue and risk management – by using modern ERP software.

Haldan Consulting is a Manufacturing Solutions Provider and Business Partner. We specialize in improving productivity, profitability and sustainability. We utilize innovative software technology, specialized training, process optimization and problem-solving methodologies to deliver critical insights into all business and manufacturing processes. Our team consists of experts in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Software Development, Business Process Optimization, Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. Through our strategic partnerships, we collaborate with companies like TransLution and the Continuous Improvement Research Group (CIRG) as well as specialized solutions like CADTalk and Systems-2-Win. In this way, our clients benefit from best-in-class solutions and a value-added approach to service delivery.

As a Certified SYSPRO Implementation Partner, we offer clients exceptional technical support and professional services for SYSPRO ERP Solutions. We meet strict requirements by performing the following roles:

  • Certified & Dedicated ERP Implementation Consultant
  • Dedicated Support Consultant & Support Desk

Our core focus is on delivering quality services, such as training and education, support and implementation methodology to both new and existing SYSPRO customers. Implementation is done through a phased approach, in line with SYSPRO’s IDEAL Implementation Methodology. This means that clients benefit from a scalable and structured project deployment. It also provides for visibility and accountability of activities and services, whilst ensuring that resources are used effectively.

When you choose a Certified SYSPRO Partner, you are assured that you have access to the best support available in the application of SYSPRO products and solutions across all business environments.