At Haldan, we believe it’s the passion behind our people that makes our company great!

Passion Lead Us Here

Work at Haldan is centered around knowledge sharing and collective growth. What makes us happy is to see our staff thriving in a supportive team culture.

Whilst our business is focused on customer delivery and performing to meet the company’s core goals, our employee-centered approach is rooted in our overall success.

We value employees who are passionate about what they do and bring their whole self’s to work. We believe this spirit is what drives creativity and connection.

Why work with us?

There’s something special about Haldan Consulting. Our staff function as essential members of the team, always willing to assist one another.

We are driven by a culture that promotes talent, trust and learning. We encourage and support growth and further training and education, so our people can advance their career and realize their full potential.

Our working environment provides regular team building initiatives, as well as the added benefit of working from home to ensure flexibility when it is needed most.


“What I love most about working at Haldan is our strong collaborative environment and positive organizational culture. Not only does this drive inspiration and creativity, but it has opened my eyes to many different roles and responsibilities that would have been outside of my normal job function. It’s enabled me to grow personally and professionally in ways I could not have imagined.

– Robyn Tye, Digital Marketer and Content Creator


“Every day at Haldan is exciting and presents various challenges. We see so many types of businesses, that we can easily see how successes in one business can be implemented at another to reap equal successes. There’s also the satisfaction of delivering products that revolutionize how business works.

– David Hedderwick, Product Development Manager


“Having a strong female leader at work has created a secure learning environment for me to grow as a young Industrial Engineer. She has inspired me to be a ‘go-getter’, to be confident and to let my work speak for itself as a woman in engineering. She taught me that getting the job done should not stem from gender but rather intellect.

– Jeannie Serfontein, Junior Continuous Improvement Consultant

Do you want to work at Haldan Consulting?

Below is a list of the current vacancies waiting to be filled at Haldan Consulting:


  1. C# Developer (Full Time – Remote Job)

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